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Welcome to the Sustainable Earth Project

This is the start of a new era in our lives. We will be conscious in our actions and consistent with every new change we implement, for it is in the best interest of our lives and those arounds us, big or small.

Shop Reusable Items

Support the sustainable movement today and add to your collection of reusable items!

Have you ever struggled to open plastic produce bags?

Everyone knows what it’s like to rub, tear and try to pry the plastic produce bag open. Only to just throw them away once we got home.

Lets try something different! These cotton mesh reusable bags are a perfect alternative to help decrease single use plastics but are also great to shop with. Pack a few, along with your reusable bags when you go to your local market or grocery store.

Discover something new Today

Discover new ways to live more sustainably by checking out these educational and informative pages.

Fun Fact: Did you know that by 2024, at least 40 states expect a water shortage?!


Let’s make the change together!

Instead of buying bottled water, lets’ commit to investing in a reusable water bottle such as: glass, stainless steel, used Jelly jar, etc. Taper water is filtered by the city you live in(excluding personal access to wells).

If you are concerned, consider at-home water test kits or buying a water filter.

This easy and simple change that can save you time and money!


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